Reported by:
Lee Ai Lin Sr3ScB 16642

    On the 18th of January (Monday), a special briefing was held at 3pm via the Zoom platform for SPM 2020 candidates due to a change of the Trial Exam from physical to online.

    The briefing was hosted by the Vice Principal, Madam Koo Lai Ping. She started with a short speech expressing her regrets towards the cancellation of physical Trial Examination. Due to the accelerating number of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia, especially in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur where most of our students reside, the School came to a decision on switching to online in consideration of both the well-being as well as safety of all students and teachers. This online proper has been renamed accordingly to Pre-SPM Examination.


    Then, Madam Koo moved on to explain the rules and regulations for the online Pre-SPM Exam. The format would be similar to the previous online mock exam practice. Before the exam, each student had to make sure that they joined the Google Classroom of each respective subject. It was recommended for students to install the Google Classroom and a CamScanner application on their phones for a smoother process. Students should log in 15 minutes before the allotted time and make sure that the webcam showed their whole face. Earphones and headsets are prohibited throughout the examination. For a more organised hand in, students have to write the candidate details on the top left corner and the page number on the top right corner of the answer sheet. After the examination, students need to scan their answer sheet and save as a bundle Portable Document Format (.pdf) file then rename it as the following format, Class_seat number_Name_Exam Subject. The file is to be uploaded to Google Classroom and within 15 minutes after the examination.

    Lastly, a short Question and Answer (Q&A) section was conducted. Madam Koo read and responded to every question and doubts of the students. The Pre-SPM Examination Guidelines in a notice was posted on Kuen Cheng Sites for further reference. The briefing ended at 3.45pm with well-wishes for all the candidates’ success and good health.