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Thian Yi-Ming 16806 Sr2scD

Kuen Cheng High School had a Scout Week from 17th to 22nd of February 2020. This event was organised collaboratively by the school’s Air Scout alongside the Girl Guides. During that whole action-packed week, booths can be seen installed at the front of Block A’s lobby, and plenty of interesting activities were being held almost every day. For this article, we had interviewed a committee member of the Air Scout, Fong Tzyy Yu from Sr2scD, who also played a pivotal role in this event.

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What was the purpose for holding the Scout Week? Do you think the event had achieved its goal wholly?

Fong: It was to promote scout movement, or basically to let other students, especially teachers to get to know about what scouts actually do. I do think that the Scout Week had fulfilled its purpose; however, it does not mean that it was easy for us.

What do you think was the most interesting activity in your opinion? And what was kind of unnecessary?

Fong: I find that the bamboo dance was meaningful, as it introduced the songs we scouts sing such as “Ging-gang-guli”, and at the same time, games we play as well. I would personally think all activities were planned and executed with purpose, so there were not any unnecessary ones.

What role had you played in the making of this event?

Fong: I was the one who planned it out first. Then, we all made the plan executable. I was to observe everything in a third-person’s perspective, and give opinions based on my observations. There are some more, but it will be kind of awkward for me to list them out.

Given that the Scout Week is already over, what would you have done to make it better if given a chance to redo it?

Fong: We had an overview during our meetings and found that some activities tend to attract people more than others. So, we could try and find a solution to smooth it out in future.

Who would you attribute the success of this event to?

Fong: Definitely the Senior 3 members, they are way better at planning stuff than I am, and the event being able to run smoothly was all thanks to them. I would like to give thanks to the Broadcasting Club as well for helping us out with technical difficulties. This whole event was made possible by many people’s efforts.

Anything else you would like to add on?

Fong: yes, and that is, please wait. This might be the first time I had been a part of such an event, so it might not live up to others’ expectations. We will for sure improve on it. And lastly, thank all of you for your involvement and participation in the Scout Week!