Jointly by:
Ng Choon Hau (Sr1A)
Ming Xuen Amelia (Sr1A)
Tan Yi Khai (Sr1ScD)

On 29 June 2019, it marked the first ever large-scale performance by the Drama Club ever since it was founded 30 years ago. The play, titled “Ah, Youth!” was one of the first of its kind, which really showed from the massive (compared to previous plays) audience and the stress in the last minute pre-show rehearsals. People were desperate to get good seats and started piling up 2 hours before the 2pm show, yet another experimental feature introduced by the Drama Club.

The first act of the day is mainly focused on the story of a 14-year-old boy who found himself inside the realm of his mobile game after getting electrocuted. The boy met many friends along his conquest to free a village from the demons whose sole purpose is to steal the Crystal of Hope and take over the world. He soon found out the weakness of the demons and made an invincible gauntlet to fight against the demons. The last moments of him being in the game was the moment when he activated the gauntlet and (presumably) saved the entire game universe. After the revelation that it was all a coma-induced dream, the boy made a major decision to be a better him while his mother and friends followed suit.





The clock struck half past three when the second show started. It started off with a song featuring stellar choreography that showed off the awesomeness of the Drama Club, only for it to be revealed that this was 10 years ago. The current club has fallen noticeably from grace, having only 6 members still standing united. After some hubbub with the former headmistress insisting on shutting down the club, and a proposal for 20 new members before the end of the semester in exchange for the club’s standing, the remaining members decided to present a play to attract new members. Although obstacles like friendships, poverty, romance and education got in the way, 6 new members were eventually casted from auditions and rehearsals went underway. Life eventually got the best of most of the original members in their search of self-improvement and eventually led to the president having promised to close down the club after the play.  The ending was bittersweet as even though the club was to be closed down, however, everyone overcame their obstacles in life and put on a play which they had done well and very much enjoyed.

The play was a huge success, which blew the pre-show expectations of it being better than the 2017 and 2018 shows out of the water. Pop-culture references, comedic acting and well thought out jokes really played a role in keeping the audience interested and laughing. Other noteworthy parts of the play include the stunning choreography and brilliant staging in both plays, especially the 2nd play, which was basically a musical. The theme of the play, which was centered on teenage years, really resonated with the audience and provided solace to a variety of students, ranging from the playful kids to the passionate yet struggling club committee members. The play ended at 4:45p.m. and went out with a bang; it was for sure one not to be forgotten for some time, as it certainly left a bright mark on the Drama Club’s history.