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Ng Choon Hau Sr2A 16066

Journaling as an art has been popular among teenagers for a while for its aesthetics. In an effort to introduce the art of journaling to more students, the Western Calligraphy Club held an online journaling class, hosted by Club President, Ms Leong Jing Ern from Sr2ComA.

First, she answered some questions collected from an Instagram poll a day before the class. On the question of notebook usage, she recommended completely foldable ones, as well as refillable rings ones that one could find at shops like Muji or Midori at affordable price. She also showcased a bit of her spreads to answer some questions concerning design, layout and aesthetics.

Afterwards, she got to work on the first of her two spreads: a fashion-based one. Through assembling her journal spread, she gave tips to the attendees on how to journal. She emphasised that colours used should be similar in scheme or warmness. She also encouraged versatility in equipment use, and suggested that calligraphy be written on separate tracing paper to ensure its beauty. Above all, she stressed that journaling should be a low stress activity, and that one should not journal if one does not feel up for it.

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After the initial fashion spread was done, she moved onto a harder spread, based on Baekhyun’s song “Candy”. She gave many helpful pasting tips throughout the assembling of this spread, as well as some tips for the usage of cutouts and printable. For this spread, her designs were laid out in a way that its central theme was not glaringly obvious.

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The finishing of that spread was followed by some supply talk. She recommended a few stores for prospective journaling writers to get their tools, such as washi tape, stickers and stamps. Though, she advised against over-usage of the three as they tend to get old quick.

She then flipped through some of her old spreads, as well as her monthly bullet journal. Following that, she demonstrated the use of some brush pens of different sizes, as well as a Copperplate pen that produced a very vintage style.

rsz_5_1 rsz_6_1

With that, the class came to a close. Attendees expressed awe at the sheer skill of the Club President, claiming that she had inspired them to work on similar spreads in the near future. They also truly appreciated her penmanship, with some expressing that the calligraphy demonstration was their favourite part of the class.

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Once again, those interested in seeing more journal pieces can follow @kc.western.calligraphy on Instagram.