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Lai Siang Ching Sr1ComC 17802
Tee Jia Xien Sr2B 16332

On the 18th of April 2020, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., the ever-diligent and caring team from Counselling Department held a talk for parents in hopes of offering assistance and tips to adapting to the life of studying from home. Talk of the day was hosted by Mr. Tan Yong Chin, Head of Counseling Department who had 6 brilliant tips to share with everyone.

The first tip was “Adjusting Expectations”. Mr. Tan explained to parents how their children’s education will be carried out under the Movement Control Order, breaking down the multiple factors at play. In this time of crisis, e-learning is no substitute for the real thing and students might not be able to get used to this new mode completely. It is not a simple matter of “waiting until everything returns to normal”, so parents are advised to be understanding and encouraging, as well as making necessary adjustment to their expectations accordingly.


The second point is “Returning to Regular Lifestyle”. This refers to one’s daily routine. Mr. Tan urges parents to use this time to practice a healthy lifestyle and set a good example for their children. He emphasizes that children do not suddenly change, and who they are today is an accumulation of years of experiences. But with their parents’ initiative, they can slowly reform, step by step.


Thirdly, “Designating a Specific Study Desk”. Designating a specific workstation can help one get into a “work” mindset. By mentally associating a specific space and time with work as well as priority, one may subconsciously “get into work mode” by visiting that location. Following Mr. Tan’s advice, this particular corner should be brightly lit, well-ventilated, and tidy.

The fourth tip is about “Establishing a Ritual”. Carry out every part of the day punctually and routinely, like a ritual. Fifth, “Learning to Communicate Well with Your Children”. Communicate with your child and understand well of their routine. Give them the space they need and learn to speak warmly and also firmly. For this, Mr. Tan composed a quick list of “Communication Mines”, a list of phrases with negative connotations and emotional implication for parents to avoid using. He also explained a few communication tips to help parents improve their relationship with their children.

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The last, to us, also the most important tip is “Making Good Use of Academic Resources”. Parents are to encourage their children to make use of the multitudes of online learning resources available. Parents are reminded that learning is never limited to academic performance, so they should also work hard to improve themselves and grow alongside their children!

This concludes the online talk of the day. Mr. Tan linked several other resources and websites parents can reach out to for any inquiries. This talk was greatly beneficial and informative, bringing genuine advice and guidance for struggling parents. With that, anyone would deem this first-ever School online counseling talk for parents a great success!