We emphasize  the importance of Chinese as our mother-tongue.However, we do not waver from our country’s Education Blueprint.The school has always practiced dual examination system and the medium of instruction in conducting the teaching of science and Mathematics are in both English and Chinese.

Our students are trained tri-lingually  to master the three main languages effectively and they opt for JUEC and SUEC examinations.Simultaneously,they are also prepared to sit for the SPM examination besides following the latest PT3 programme.

Multimedia Education Development

Kuen Cheng is the first school to apply Cambridge University syllabus on computerized studies. This is to prepare students to adapt themselves and to have an extra ability in computing technology.

Besides, Kuen Cheng is the earliest among others to promote multi-media studies. Every classroom has computer facility, computerized teaching, and  E-Class system within the campus.

Sports Development

Kuen Cheng High School’s sports program was first introduced in 1915 to emphasize on physical and mental development. Kuen Cheng is devoted to train and produce outstanding student athletes. Currently, there are many state players and national players studying in Kuen Cheng.

Classical Education

All Junior 1 and Junior 2 students are required to adapt to our classical culture studies to practice the teaching of the Chinese philosopher Confucius.

<Di Zi Gui> is the main teaching for the program. The purpose is to allow students to emphasize on basic requirements and guidelines for a harmonious living.