Reported by:
Essien Sea Yu Xiang Sr2ScD 16059

On the 18th of January 2020, a talk titled About True Nobility was held for all of the Junior 2 and Junior 3 students at the school hall as part of the Learning Activity Day events. The talk was hosted by our very own Vice Principal, Ms Koo Lai Ping.


Excitement filled the air as the students filed into the hall, the students guessing on what is there to come from the talk. Once everyone was in their places and all settled down, our speaker of the day promptly began with the talk.

Ms Koo started the talk off by addressing what era our world has entered, namely the era of technology. One key factor mentioned is that we cannot rely on only just schools and tuitions as our education anymore, as the progression of technology is at such quick of a rate that what we learn at this moment would become obsolete in the next. So, the Vice Principal stated that, in order to keep up with this ever-changing world, we should keep reading so that we are always updated with the newest happenings in the world. Reading is what she described as ‘true nobility’.


To prove her point, video clips were played. The first one was a TedTalk featuring Ann Morgan, who shared her quest to read a book from every country in the world in a single year. In the video, she also urged other people to follow in her footsteps and read books from around the world.

Next was a documentary-style video about Bill Gate’s reading habits. According to Bill Gates, the key to success is constant reading. In the video, one quirky trait Bill Gates has was that he would finish a book he started no matter what, even if he very much disagrees or dislikes its contents.

More video clips were played, this time each featuring multiple Chinese figures on a show called The Readers. Each of the clips starts off quite the same, with the invited guests sharing a story from their past, and reading a selected part of text from famous works. The three guests featured were Hu Ge, Wang Shi, and Yao Ming, and the texts they recited were from Hamlet, On a Happy Life, and True Nobility respectively.

And thus concludes the talk, with another reminder for the students that we should not stop reading, and instead we should read as much as we can to better enrich our lives.