Jointly reported by:
Ng Ting Hui Sr2ScF 16915
Lee Ai Lin Sr2ScC 16642

On the 4th of June, The “Musical Instrument Auditorium” activity hosted by the Head of Co-curricular Department, Ms Hee Siaw Fuey and the Symphonic Club via Zoom video meeting platform commenced at 1pm straight. A total of 62 students including 5 performers participated in this event.

Ms Hee started off by sharing her bizarre music life to us. She talked about how she first started learning piano despite hating it in the first place, and how her blind friend changed her thoughts about quitting learning piano. She then talked about western music, explaining how different notes hit differently and how the symphony mixes all notes together to make the music more vibrant.

Ms Hee shared an orchestra video while giving explanations on musical aspects. She stated that an orchestra usually begins with a memorable melody and slowly enters the climax then return to the melody at the beginning. Due to various instruments used, sound clash is inevitable in an orchestra. This situation had been overcome by assiduous musicians that had continued to produce the orchestra that we can listen to today. Similarly, when we faced a problem in life, we should persevere until the end.

Before we ended the online day event, members of our school’s guitar club prepared a guitar solo performance. The first performer is Lee Ru Yu with the song “Etude No.32” followed by Yan Ming playing “Romanze”. Then, Allan Khooi played “River Flows in You” melodiously. Chairman of the Guitar Club, Low Wei Chuan performed “Flaming”. Lastly, Wei Han brought us the song “Bourrée BWV 996”. Before the sharing ends, Ms Yong King Li, the club advisor of the guitar club presented “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.