Jointly by:
Chong Qing Tong (Jr1E)
Ang Ann Gie (Jr1E)
Seow Chong Keat (Jr1E)

It was 7:20 in the morning, all the students looked sleepy but are oddly looking at books.  With the trial exam around the corner, our school decided to cancel the morning reading session. But our class insisted to carry on with it and added a short sharing session after that.

Our class teacher invited several students to demonstrate and share about a book they read during the morning.

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It was same with “show and tell”. Many of the books that were shared are interesting and resonated with the students. The books can be about adventures, science-fiction and sometimes even horrifying. Of course, there are some students that have a rather matured or different mind-set from the other students. They share books that are philosophic and have profound meanings.

After all of this explaining, what is the purpose of having these activities? Actually, these activities reap many benefits. If all the students must share their books, this equals to fifty four books shared and the students will get to read more and they will get more indulged in reading as they see other people doing reading, too.

Besides that, a student’s self-learning ability can also improve through this activity as reading books are one of the best ways to self-elevate and learn. Students can also broaden their knowledge in many aspects such as Science, vocabulary, grammar and so forth.

Last but not least, it provides a platform for us to be trained to speak confidently in front of a crowd.

This reading and sharing session not only broadens our knowledge, it also makes our lives wonderful.

As the saying goes, “a reader lived a thousand lives before one dies”.

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