Jointly reported by:
Sophia Ng Szu Fei 17685 SR1SCA
Tan Ginny 17893 SR1A
Michael Ng Choon Hau 16066 SR2A

Both Chinese and English Debate Teams were formerly belong to one of the training groups of the school Academic Department from 2015 until 2019. They are merged as Kuen Cheng Debate Club beginning new academic year of 2020, now under the direct supervision of the Co-Curricular Department.  It was the club’s inaugural Welcoming Party. There were approximately 80 students, 30 of them under English Debate’s while of the rest belonged to Chinese Debate.

“Guys, move on to the canteen to eat right now!” shouted the President of Debate Club. Everyone was drenched with sweat, waiting for the secretary to mark their attendance at Room AV 1. The Welcoming Party was held on Friday, 21 February 2020 from 3:15 to 5:15p.m., 2 weeks after the first activity started in the club. The party is meant to bond the relationship between two clubs as their activity will be held separately throughout the whole year. Therefore, the committee of the club has worked hard to come up with creative activities to make the party unforgettable. Alumni have also returned to witness this momentous occasion.


By 3:30 p.m., after the attendance has been marked, the members rushed down the stairs with containers in their hand to feast on the delicious meal prepared by the noodle stall in Block B. There were economy noodles and crunchy fried chicken with packaged chrysanthemum tea and 100 Plus. It was definitely an exciting meal as some of them emptied their stomach for the feast. They lined up along the table where the committee members were patiently giving them their meal. Interestingly, there wasn’t enough fried chicken. So, they prioritized the new comers and gave them a larger portion. By 4:15p.m., the meal ended. They went back to AV1 and waited for the activities organized by the president. Some of the committee members stayed back to clean the area in order to prevent unhygienic conditions from occurring tomorrow.

“I think it’s them because their hints are too weird. Too broad to state that object,” said one of the members. All the members were sorted into 7 groups, 10 in each team where they were playing “Who’s The Spy?” In this game, each group has been given the same theme, save for one group, which is the “spy”. Each group took turns giving a hint that described their given theme, then every group casted votes towards the group they suspected to be the spy. The objective of the spy is to evade detection while the rest of the groups have to figure out which group is the spy. Members heatedly discussed amongst themselves as to what hint they should provide and which group they suspected was the spy. Two rounds of this game were played; the spy won in one round and lost in the other.



The next game involved more shouting and physical activity. Each group was to come up with their own name, and when their group’s name was called, they had to squat and chant their group’s name thrice and call another group’s name. Naturally, lots of weird and creative names were thought of, and enthusiasm could be heard in some groups’ chants. The group that broke the chanting streak twice lost the game and received a punishment which they used to their advantage: making everyone sing the school anthem.




The club president wished all the new members a wonderful year with the debate team, followed by the gifting of cards to the new members. With that, the party came to a close.