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Thian Yi-Ming (Sr1scD)

The committee members were a little nervous, but overall having good level of confidence in their soon-to-be-held year-end closing party. Sure enough, this was the Board Game Club’s first year, since it was launched earlier this year as 2019’s sole new club.

Being technically the first club that focuses on games, apart from the chess club, it has definitely caused a stir. Even still, the club managed to show that despite being different, it can still be part of the school’s vast selection of clubs. The club was formed thanks to the relentless efforts put in by its founding members. Although the idea of having such a club formed has originally received negative response and doubts, it eventually turned out great and established with having a total of 75 members.


As the founding club President, Ng Wei Enn, is always firm in his belief and confident in the popularity and potential of the club. He is one who always has plenty of creative, wild ideas and great plans for development, and made sure the activities will be carried out in absolute perfection. Although some of the carefully designed activities didn’t work out as planned, he would still remain optimistic. His Vice President, Tin Wan Xuan and the rest of the committee members were always there to give him support, and hopefully, to remind him for not having too much a wild imagination. As it was the club’s first year, they wanted to leave a good impression of having good performance; meetings had been held before and even after the club activities. It was not an easy job to be able to gather everyone around at the same time, as some of the members have had second club to upkeep as well, nevertheless, they still managed to pull through and pull everything together.


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The club members play board games during the club hours, selected from the array of choices. At the start of the year, there was originally less choice of games due to the lack of funds and since most of the online-purchased board games have yet to arrive, it had actually created misunderstanding and some dissatisfaction. The variety of board games has since increased many fold. They are also planning for new addition of board games for next year. It may be tough, having met with different kinds of adversity for the past one year; the club soldiered on with great dignity. The Board Game Club will constantly improve and stay strong for many years to come.

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