Reported by:
Tan Qi Xuan Jr2A 19451

During the School holidays, Kuen Cheng High School has conducted a series of specially designed classes for students of all levels, and the online Classics lessons for all Junior 2 students which focused greatly on the aspect of understanding the recent epidemic that swept the world into smithereens. Covid-19, the subject matter was held in an online Zoom classroom on Wednesday, May 27th 2020.

The teachers-in-charge started off smoothly with a brief introduction on Covid-19, such as the current situations and affairs about the plague all across the world, a few bits of important information about the highly contagious virus, including its symptoms and two-week incubation period. They mentioned the drastic change of our daily lifestyle during the movement control order (MCO) along with the dramatic aftermath the plague had brought to the world through multiple aspects such as our economy, business, tourism, pollution and revolts, before steering the lesson into approved suggestions and methods on how to prevent and cope with the additional stress during the pandemic.


Besides that, the teachers have considerately shared a few heart-warming stories with the students, all based on real-life happenings during the Covid-19 outbreak; one of them being a 73-year-old retired doctor, after three years of well-deserved retirement, from Italy who, after being told that his country lacked sufficient medical operators during the plague, immediately returned to the nerve-wracking scene without a single moment of hesitance, pledging his love for his country as he determinedly volunteered and fought bravely with his countless comrades at the hospital. Gino Fasoli, a hero who was mourned by the citizens of Italy when he passed away on March 14th due to Covid-19, precisely the virus he was battling against to protect his country.


The miraculous tale of China, Wuhan’s Huoshenshan Hospital being constructed and finished in a mere ten days had also boggled the students’ minds when the teachers had a video of the whole process at the ready, where the countless setbacks and difficulties were all singlehandedly overcame by the outstanding cooperation and persistent spirits of the heroes of China, and the students were taught a valuable lesson where unity is strength, and that nothing is impossible.

As the class slowly came to an end, the teachers genuinely wished for the students’ safety and hoped for the best, while the students have surely attended a meaningful lesson which taught them the importance of understanding and having gratitude.