Jointly reported by:
Sophia Ng Szu Fei SR1SCA 17685
Lee Xue Rui JR1K 20653


On the second session of the talk, Mr Cheah Jing Cheng talked more on the ways of becoming a successful YouTuber.

He asked about our strengths and in what way we could apply them in the making of a YouTube video. For example, if you are good at playing video games, you can make videos on the ways of winning the game. If you are good at talking, you can make videos on different topics that people are interested in, and you can add on your own opinions, too!

You need to be sure that your topic is interesting and you are able to master the topic, you also have the choice of whether to write a draft on the topic you are presenting. He recommended so to prevent being off-topic unless you are an experienced Yotuber.

In addition, he also mentioned sharing the videos via social platforms to reach more publicity. Youtubers are like business people. Each video has to be unique and publicized on online platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.


“A good phone is enough,” he continued. What is important are the content and the quality of editing. Editing includes trimming, sound effects and subtitles. It is a norm that one is not satisfied with their first video. So he recommended us to watch tutorials about trimming and subtitles before starting a Youtube Channel. With constant practice, the quality of the video will eventually be better as we gained more experience from previous lessons. Apps such as Final Cut Pro, iMovie and Adobe Premiere Pro have various interesting effects and smooth editing experience but a plan subscription is needed to access all functions.


Youtubers earn money depending on their views. Youtube wants content creators to constantly update their channel to attract more viewers. Therefore, they added the Subscribe and Notifications buttons. The money they paid is by advertisements as companies pay YouTube to advertise their products on Youtubers’ channels like McDonalds and Apple. They share some of their bonus with successful Youtubers as they meet their targeted views and subscribers. However, as the views are not constant, Youtubers may cooperate with other companies to advertise their brand or product to increase personal income.

A Q&A session is conducted at the end of the talk. Students were very active as all of them were paying attention to his detailed talk. Mr. Cheah was very patient as he explained thoroughly for 30 to 40 minutes although the talk ended at 4:00 pm.
This talk was very informative and helpful as the world’s technology is advancing at a lightning speed. All of us were intrigued by the content of the talk as he remained passionate about producing quality videos during harsh times.  Being a Youtuber isn’t easy. Therefore, we hope that the students are able to cope with the pressure and be the shining diamond in the Youtube industry.