MyKasih Foundation sent their love on the 17th of this month 2014 by giving out 80 BakProtek Schoolbags with its function of protecting the spine, to 80 students from a low-income background.

The Schoolbags Giving event were presented by Present & Pleasant company with MyKasih Foundation. 80 parents responded to purchase the 139 ringgit worth of BakProtek bag, and the Foundation is giving back to the society with “Buy 1 Donate 1”charity campaign on behalf of the purchasers, giving the same number of bags to underprivileged students.

The vice chairman of Kuen Cheng High School Tan Sri Wu Defang thanked the chairman of MyKasih Foundation Professor Ngau Boon Keat for his generosity..

The BakProtek schoolbag was designed by Chiropractors according to ergonomic 3D structure. It was designed to protect the body posture of the spinal structure and serve as functional backpack style bag. It can reduce the weight of schoolbags for over 40%.

Business Development Manager of Present & Pleasant Enterprise Mr. Li urged students and parents to pay attention to health issues affecting the spine due to the over weight of bags because an average of 80% of children in this nation carries over weight bags to school every day.

According to experts, if the weight of school bags account more than 20% of the child’s weight, the child is likely to experience significant damage to the development of the spine such as the oppressed, spine curvature, pre-mature kyphoscollosis (hunchback), poor posture and other issues.

Participation of this event includes Manager of MyKasih Foundation Ms. Wang, representative of Kuen Cheng are deputy principal Ms. Tan Woon Kee, Head of Academic Affair Department Ms. Loh Hoi Yuen, Head of Counseling Department Ms. Ooi Li Ting, and Secretariat Department Madam Ng Li San.