2020 Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration (1)

Jointly reported by:
Siow Wei Khuan 16586 Sr2ScF
Lee Ai Lin 16642 Sr2ScC

In conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration, Kuen Cheng High School held a calligraphy competition, First Brush of Spring, on January 22, 2020 at the foyer of the school premises. Early in the morning, the Prefects, Broadcasting Club and Calligraphy Club members were busy making preparations for the event. The Principal and the teachers gathered at the open air car park punctually at 7.45 a.m. The event began after a brief and warm speech from the Principal.


Immediately, red papers were given to students and teachers who participated in the contest. Everyone was given around thirty minutes to finish their calligraphy work. Some teachers have quite a strong opinion on calligraphy and think that it should be preserved because it displays the identity of Chinese culture. Although it was hard for some teachers and students to write them, it was such a fun event. Chinese calligraphy is a tradition since long ago. While doing the calligraphy, we wrote down our wishes for the New Year ahead so that luck will come along and be with us through the year.


2020 Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration (2)
~ Spring Ceremony and School Party

Jointly reported by:
Ng Yan Wen 17188 Sr1ScF
Tan Qing Lin 16632 Sr2ScB
Tee Jia Xien 16332 Sr2B

The 2020 Spring Ceremony began at 9 a.m. on the 22nd of January. It was largely thanks to the teachers’ and students’ cooperation and the speedy backstage setup by the Broadcasting Club and performers’ part that made this possible.

The familiar, festive rings of Chinese drums and gongs started off the ceremony. After the grand opening from the ensemble, the Principal delivered her speech. She apologised that the school was not being able to conduct the Spring Fair this time due to Chinese Lunar New Year happening too early this year, not allowing the parties involved to have enough time to prepare. However, she said she felt grateful that our school still organized a Spring Ceremony this year. She also presented gifts to the school faculty to thank them for their concerted efforts.



After that, the Lion Dance Club presented an awe-inspiring dragon dance and lion dance performance accompanied by drums and gongs. The two lions were led by another performer, a merry monk acting as their ringleader. The monk interacted with the audience and gave away sweets to the teachers, much to the crowd’s surprise and delight.

The next performance was carried out by the Diabolo Club. First, a talented Senior 2 student performed solo. He did several cool tricks that wowed the crowd. His performance was followed by the performance of a band of younger girls. Lastly, they joined up together center stage to end the performance perfectly.


The last performance for the ceremony was a traditional Chinese dance. A group of girls dressed in colourful and attractive ethnic minority costumes danced gracefully as music played. The girls had great teamwork and their performance was magnificent. All members of the audience had their eyes glued on these talented beauties.


Finally, the ceremony came to an end.

During the second half of the day’s celebrations, every class got the chance to organise a party of their own. Parties varied from class to class, each special and fun in their own ways.

Some classes had fantastic food. Jr1F for example, had tables laid with some great goodies: Chinese New Year biscuits, cakes, fortune cookies, chocolates, fruit salad, an entire boxful of mulberries—and that were only just their desserts pile. The title of ‘most special food’ would have to go to their wolfberry and herbs jelly. They also had creative handmade streamers hung across the ceiling of the class.

This year, the school had suggested each class arrange an Yushang Dish, in the name of a new prosperous year. And indeed, Jr1L arranged for a class wide Yushang. To accommodate the large crowd, they had prepared three large plates of Yushang ingredients, complete with an extra tableful of Chinese New Year snacks.



For Sr3ScD, this was their last Spring Celebration they would spend with in Kuen Cheng. They made this last time count by decking their classroom with ribbons and lanterns, and spending most of the celebration together, singing carols of eternal friendship and unity.

As the end of the school day neared, every class swiftly began their cleanup. By noon, students filed home for Chinese Lunar New Year with their family members. With that, the 2020 Spring Ceremony came to a merry and successful close.