Kuen Cheng High School and Kuen Cheng Kindergarten held their 43rd Annual Sports Day at the Kelana Jaya Sports Stadium. This year, 31 students broke the school’s sport records.

The games started at 8am. After the athletes pledged their oath, approximately 4,000 students and teachers sang the national anthem . Performances were carried out by the 24 festive drum society, martial arts society, waka-waka aerobics and a special dance performance by 263 senior graduating students of the 58th batch.

Kuen Cheng High School’s Director, Dato’ Teo Chiang Kok said during the opening speech, that although the school does not have a proper area for sports and exercise purposes,  the school will still organize its Sports Day every year because physical exercises is important for good health. He also expressed that good health comes with a positive and active mind, therefore everyone has to be health conscious.

Principal Mdm Gooi Swee Gaik thanked all the students and teachers for their cooperation and for completing all the events smoothly.