Jointly by:
Ng Choon Hau (Sr1A)
Ng Ting Hui (Sr1ScF)

With the 111th Kuen Cheng High School Anniversary celebrated on the 23rd of September, let’s take a look at what went underway for this gloriously meaningful event to be held without any hiccups.

It is a tradition that the annual ceremony for school anniversary is organised and initiated by all the Senior 1 class monitors and prefects. President of the current year’s organising committee is Wong Heng Yan, from Sr1ComC, while both the co-presidents are Sr1ScF’s Hoong Miin Rwe and Sr1ComE’s Jesselnathaniel Koh Giap Hiang.

Heng Yan expressed that the celebration turned out mostly great; the main ceremony was a hit, the school history exhibits were full of interesting reports and great photos and her favourite sector – the flag designing competition really encouraged Kuen Cheng students to express their creativity freely. Concerning challenges faced during planning, Heng Yan also expressed that this was the first time the prefects and monitors had worked together, so there were communication problems as everyone was not well informed with each other’s workflow. This problem eventually got resolved, unlike the lack of time before the ceremony due to haze holidays. “We had lots of problems so it really would have been nicer to have another day of rehearsal,” expressed the President. Her wishes to our school were “I wish the school a happy 111th anniversary, and I hope that we continue with our amazing work”.

Miin Rwe was optimistic when she first got this job, and she was really glad everything was handled nicely and turned out smoothly. It was a really meaningful celebration, since the flag designing competition showcased how far every student’s limits went and the school history exhibit introduced students to our school’s long and traumatic history. Her concerns were similar to the president’s – too little meetings held with some communication issues. “I hope that Kuen Cheng’s students and teachers will persevere till the end of time” were her wishes for the school.

The monitor of Sr1A, Yong Zhi Hui, felt honoured to have the opportunity to organise each and every event for this important and meaningful school event. In the end, her part was played well, so she had no regrets in spending time and effort on this event. Her perspective on major events changed, too; she felt that everyone on a same project must work together wholeheartedly in order for things to fall in place, so people will not try to pull it off easily. In addition, what was most important for an event to go smoothly was everyone’s support. Her difficulties faced included a lack of help present for the school history exhibit, since everyone was too busy studying for finals; though, thankfully, everything went up on time. She wishes Kuen Cheng High School to “constantly improve and have progress like the theme of this year’s school anniversary: an endlessly flowing stream”.

Overall, the organising committee’s efforts were not invisible, since some students have a preference for this year’s celebration as compared to previous years’.  Special thanks to everyone who helped and contributed to making this event a fabulous success and truly memorable one!

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